about us

Christ Infinite Vision is a reformed non-denominational ministry helping to awaken those called by God through the gospel & grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christ – We believe the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to have reconciliation with God. We believe that in him is the fullness of God expressed and he is the very word of God incarnate. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the creator, sustainer, ruler over all things and is coming back to judge all evil and bring peace to all things.

Infinite – We believe God is eternal with nothing being before Him, nor anything after, thus making Him infinite in nature. We believe God loved the world so much that he freely gave a perfect infinite sacrifice which was his only unique son Jesus Christ who willingly died as a grace gift for an imperfect undeserving elect people.

Vision - We believe nothing escapes the sight of God nor can His will be altered, therefore we believe that God has ordained all things. We believe the vision and purpose of God is to demonstrate his ultimate power, putting on display His everlasting glory, for which we are eternally grateful to take part in.

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